Do you Print and Ship the Final Output?
Yes we do print the final design on photo paper and frame it and ship it to you.

How to send the Photos?
You can send the photos to us using our email id pixelphotocollage@gmail.com or use this website to send us the photos https://wetransfer.com/

How long would it take to get the output?
You can expect to get the digital soft copy output in less than 8 to 16 hours, but the timing might vary and as we also do revisions if customers wants some modifications or changes. The Printed Hard copy time might differ from order to order.

Should i go for matte or glossy finish when printing Pixel Photo Collage
Glossy certainly, it helps to bring out details in the smaller photos in the Pixel Photo Collage and thus make it awesome.

Have more questions?
Please use our email id pixelphotocollage@gmail.com to send in your question and we will reply you shortly. Thank you

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