Pixel Photo Collage is an advance form of photo mosaic collage

Different Pixel Photo Collage Size Options

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Size - A4 (8 x 12 inches)


Size - A3 (12 x 18 inches)


Size - A2 (18 x 24 inches)


Soft Copy / Custom Size

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What is Pixel Photo Collage ?

Pixel Photo Collage is an advance form of photo mosaic collage. Commonly photo collages are made using many photos of equal size or random size put together. But in Pixel Photo Collage the output will be of one single photo that will be created using a large number of smaller photos. When viewed from 2 feet distance you can see both the smaller photos and the single large photo at the same time and Pixel Photo Collage is the only process that can give you this awesome stunning output, in normal photo mosaic collages you will not be able to same result. That is why many photo mosaic collage designers remove the small photos from the face are in their design since they cannot bring both the details together.

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Why & When to Gift Pixel Photo Collage ?

You can give Pixel Photo Collage for a number of occasion like as, Birthday Gift, Marriage Gift , Wedding Anniversary Gift , Festival Gift , to even as a Gift to your Parting away colleague in Office or Company, and whenever you want to give a gift that will really unique and memorable. And on why to gift, a good gift should remind the person about your love/respect for them when ever they see it. And Pixel Photo Collage does it best by showing them all the smaller photos and reminding the person of the fond memories they shared with you and also reminds them about the strong relationship you have with them. 

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better than by any app, software or website maker/creator

Why Pixel Photo Collage is an advance photo mosaic collage

Dedicated Senior Designer Works on your Pixel Photo Collage

Having a Real Person Work on your Photos is always an Advantage. You can communicate easily and get your Pixel Photo Collage Customized and Personalized occording to your No automated computer generated
software, app or website can match our Output Result.

Get Perfect Print Ready High Quality, High Resolution Pixel Photo Collage

Our final output would be in 300 dpi resolution, perfect for Printing.
Each Pixel Photo Collage is done by setting the size ordered first and
then the process is followed. This gives the perfect quality.

Pixel Photo Collage is Perfectly Visible at Any Distance

For so long we had to view Photo Mosaic from a long distance and when
we like to check the small images we have to move closer. In Pixel Photo
Collage you dont have to move front and back to see the big or smaller images
from a 2 feet distance you can clearly see the smaller images and the
bigger image.

Four Processes that makes Pixel Photo Collage the Best

Step 1 : Correction (big photo)

We manually correct the main Photo for best result

There are two indepth process in this Step, first we correct brightness, contrast and color issue. Then we correct the image to give the best output when placed in the
Pixel Photo Collage


How to Select Photos?

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