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The most advance photo mosaic collage making process in the Internet.
All other Photo mosaic collage making website makes you do the whole process, spend time, effort &
Make you pay to download print quality file. Why should you do all the work, spend time, effort and then Pay them ?
But does the whole process for you and gets paid only after you get the final output. 
* free output will have our website watermark.

What is Pixel Photo Collage ?

Pixel Photo Collage is an advance form of photo collage. Commonly photo collages are made using many photos of equal size or random size put together. But in Pixel Photo Collage the output will be of one single photo that will be created using a large number of smaller photos. When viewed from 2 feet distance you can see both the smaller photos and the single large photo at the same time and Pixel Photo Collage is the only process that can give you this awesome stunning output.

Why & When to Gift Pixel Photo Collage ?

You can give Pixel Photo Collage for a number of occasion like as, Birthday Gift, Marriage Gift , Wedding Anniversary Gift , Festival Gift , to even as a Gift to your Parting away colleague in Office or Company, and whenever you want to give a gift that will really unique and memorable. And on why to gift, a good gift should remind the person about your love/respect for them when ever they see it. And Pixel Photo Collage does it best by showing them all the smaller photos and reminding the person of the fond memories they shared with you and also reminds them about the strong relationship you have with them.. 

Testimonials about Pixel Photo Collage - Advance Photo Mosaic

Here are few of our Customers Feedbacks about us & our service

Great experience and went above and beyond to deliver what i needed .. i will be surely working again with him 

Today my sister placed an order online for poster sized enlargements of your Pixel Photo Collage mosaic work at a place called Walgreens which is a company all over the United States that has photo services. When she arrived to pick them up, she said everyone who worked in the photo department was waiting for her to pick up her order. She said they all said they had never seen anything like this before & they loved them. They couldn't believe her when she told them it was all done online. They were shocked at how great the price was. Someone asked her for the website, someone else asked her if they could take a picture (they're not allowed to do that without customer consent) someone else called her husband to tell him they need to get one. My sister said she spent at least 30 minutes in the store talking to the employees about your Pixel Photo Collage mosaic. 

I ordered a Pixel Photo Collage. I must have been the toughest customers Mr. Shrini might have come across. So many changes I made and not even once did he say not possible. Best part was he took money only after he completed it to my satisfaction.