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Terms & Conditions

Your usage of the service provided by is subjected to the following terms and conditions, by visiting or using our service you approve of your acceptance to the terms and conditions. 

Privacy Policy

When you visit our webpage certain details regarding your visiting action is collected, please check Privacy Policy for more details. 


To Register your account with us you need to fill in the Registration Page form (click this link). In the form you need to submit your name, e-mail id, whatsapp number, active social media account, location, selected service type etc all this would be protected under our Privacy Policy. 

When you register with us, you approve us to contact or communicate with the mentioned email id. You are solely responsible for your accounts confidentiality and when persons below 18 years use our sites and make purchases they confirm us that they are registering their account with the consent of their parents or guardians. We would not be held responsible for any payment or cash transaction done by persons below 18 years. We also reserve the right to remove or ban any registered user, refuse or reject any order or service request,. 

FREE TRY Service

If you have chosen FREE TRY Service or didn’t communicate us your choice of selection or failed to pay us after confirming you want Paid Service within 10 days from the point of receiving the final output, All Pixel Photo Collage outputs done under FREE TRY service will be posted on our webpage and our official social media accounts. We would also tag you the active social media account you provided us during the initial registration process. On Free Try Services the final output of the Pixel Photo Collage and all the photos/images used to create it would be used for any kind of digital promotional activity or public view on any digital format, location, social media or webpage we prefer. The same outputs, photos/images can also be used for physical print display for promotional or public view at any place we prefer. 

Paid Service

If you have chosen the Paid Service, you can request for any changes or correction in the Final output of Pixel Photo Collage. You can request only 3 number of times such changes or corrections after you get the first final output, in case you need to do more correction or changes you would have to pay us the total amount for the design size you have chosen. After the total amount is paid you can request 20 number of times such changes or correction. Any correction beyond that would be charged accordingly. Once you make the payment if you need to Print the Final output on any medium you can let us know and we would provide you with our “Get Printed” Service, Click here to know more about it. On Confirmation of your choosing to go for a Paid Service, the final output of the Pixel Photo Collage and all the photos/images used to create it will be kept Private till the order is completed and payment is received within 10 days. In the event of non-payment for the Paid services the output and associated photos/images would automatically fall under the FREE TRY Service category offered by We store the final output of the Pixel Photo Collage for a period of 30 days or Customers can request to delete, which would be deleted along with the photos/images used, after the payment for the service is received. The photos/images used to make the Pixel Photo Collage output will be deleted after the payment for the service is received. The Pixel Photo Collage output done under Paid Services and the photos/images used will not be used for any promotional activity or kept for any public view at any point of time.

Get Printed Service (Selecting Print Vendors)

After you get the final output of the Pixel Photo Collage you can request us to get the output printed and shipped to you. Since it would be economical, flexible and eco-friendly to avoid international shipping we provide you localized printing solutions. When you confirm us to go for “Get Printed Service”, we would check the local options based on your location and get back to you with the different print medium options, rates, sizes, etc. Once you confirm & pay for the selected option + 5$ our commission charges, we would forward the final output to the print vendor check with them for any quality issues and get it delivered to you. This way you say a lot on shipping charges, better return options, etc. In this service we wont guarantee you about the quality or service of the print vendor from whom we would get you the printed output. And we also would like to know your reviews regarding the quality and service of the selected print vendor and output. We again state that we are no way affiliated with the print vendor you select, we would give you different vendor list and you are free to choose whomever you want and we would get the output printed with them and shipped it to you. Any defect or quality issues needs to be handled by the customer.  

Copyright Issues

When you chose to use any Service from you are implying that you hold the copyrights or permission to use for the photos/images that you send us. or the team associated with the website will not be held responsible for any violation or copyright infringement of any images/photo used by the customer. The responsibility to check and get proper permission to use photos/images will be totally on the user of this website. 


In case you want us to remove/stop the usage of the pixel photo collage output created for you by us, you would have to pay for the service which would make the service provided to you as a Paid service and the final output, photos/images used all would be treated as private and they would not be used for any future promotional activity of any sort. And all posting of the final Pixel Photo Collage outputs on websites or social media would be removed. In case you want us to remove/stop the usage of the pixel photo collage output posted on our or any copyright photo/images that you own,


We reserve the right to change any of the above terms & conditions at any point of time and users are advised to check this page for any new updates regarding our Terms & conditions.