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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are within Chennai we can Photo Print, Laminate, Frame and deliver it to your location. And though we can Print and Ship it to any location outside Chennai, we would like to inform you that there are 3 ways you can get the final output,
1. Get it as a Digital File - This is the best possible way to get the final output as you can print it in Photo Studios closer to you and save the most Time & Money. 
2. Get it as Photo Print - This will save you the hassle of going to a Photo Studio but will cost you some time in getting the package delieverd and extra money for the packaging and shipping. 
3. Get it as Print & Framed - This will cost you lot of money for packaging and shipping alone, even more than the designing+photo printing+framing charges combined. 

You can send the photos to us by filling our Order form (click here) and uploading them in the "Add file" options in the form. Please check this video to know how to fill our order form.

You can expect to get the digital softcopy output in less than 8 to 16 hours, but the timing might vary and as we also do revisions if customers wants some modifications or changes. The Printed Hardcopy time might differe from order to order.

All Pixel Photo Collage done as Paid orders will not be used or put on our website or social media pages and all the photos sent will be deleted once the Payment is done.

Please use the below contact form to send in your question and we will reply you shortly. Thank you

Glossy certainly, it helps to bring out details in the smaller photos in the Pixel Photo Collage and thus make it awesome.