About Me

Hello, this is Shrini from India and I am the creator of Pixel Photo Collage. I have been doing graphic design works for past 8 years to clients from all over the world. I am a Computer science & MBA graduate and also hold a diploma in Visual effects. My drawing and painting interest led me to The concept of Photo Mosaic (creating a single image using many number of images) 10 years ago. But I was never totally satisfied with the Photo Mosaic outputs that I was able to create using any app, softwares or websites, because i had to walk front and back few feets everytime to see the big and small photos in the photo mosaic. So in 2013 I decided to work on my own version of Photo Mosaic making process and the result is Pixel Photo Collage. You can view both the big and small photos at the same time  in the Pixel Photo Collage from a closer distance and you dont have to move  

Photo of Pixel Photo Collage Creator